Rainbow Beach Australia Paragliding

Costal paragliding and “Dune Gooning” has been something that has been on my list to try for a long time. Having never actually tried it in Paraflysim I wasn’t sure how the physics and/or wind system would react to such a different conditions (low wind and more head wind rather than ridge lift). So I decided to give it a go and to my surprise Paraflysim behaved exactly as I had hoped.

The physics and wind system took well to that style and allowed for that low style beach flying that can be achieved under these conditions, skimming the sand!

It also meant I got to improve the ocean visuals which now look better, I do have plans to improve on them but as they can be quite a performance overhead I have tried to compromise for both performance and visual satisfaction.

Here are a few images of me flying along Rainbow Beach in Australia.

parafly-rainbow-beach2 parafly-rainbow-beach


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