How to walk & launch

Once you enter the simulator you will automatically be in Walk Mode

Walk Mode : Walk mode allows you to walk freely where ever you wish thus allowing you to choose where you wish to launch on the hill.

Once you have decided where to launch from press “Space Bar” to change from walk mode to launch mode for which ever wing type you selected at the setup screen. This will immidiatly set you up in your desired type and you will then have be ready to launch.

If you land else where or crash, or fail to launch simply press space bar to re-enter walk mode at your current location.

How to Launch…

Use the controls to keep your wing level into wind and press the “i” key to push forwards off the hill, if you are unsuccessful simply press “SpaceBar” to enter Walk Mode again to setup for another attempt.

Note: Walk mode now shows a compass, make note of the wind direction incase you later land somwhere where there is no wind sock and intend to launch again.

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