How to setup Paraflysim

At the main menu click the single player button which will take you to the simulator setup screen. Here you can select your location, wing choice, flight and environment settings. Below explains what these settings are and how they effect the simulator.

Sky : This lets you adjust the clouds from clear to very overcast, depending on your what you choose can also effect temperature and thermal activity.

Ground Wind Speed : This is the base ground speed, the anabatic wind on the hill is then calculated on the fly based on the terrain geometry.

Ambient Temperature : Ambient temperature effects the strength of thermals that are created from this hills.

Wind Lift height Limit : This lets you adjust how effective the anabatic wind is over the top of the hill, or how “high” the upward lift travels.

Thermal Activity : This lets you set the amount of thermal activity you want, this is also effected by the sky and ambient temperature.

Thermal Strength : Adjusting this will change how effective thermals will be, this is also effected by ambient temperature.

Turbulence Strength: This will adjust how turbulent the anabatic winds are.

Total Weight: This is your all up weight of the hang glider / paraglider



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