I am back and with updates, new stall physics

Well, as with anything that fits around spare time, work and life I didnt get much time at all to work on paraflysim over the summer but I am now back working on it and want to release a version of 1.6 early into the new year. I still have my big todo list that I am now starting to work through once again, one of which is realistic stalls. Stalls in paraflysim have been pretty much none existent due to being such a complex event, but in order to do “acro” or even to just have that realistic feeling I feel its important that I try get the stall physics to feel as real as I can.

I am still very happy that the majority of my last development was on the scenery system, it works really well and looks great and as its now “user loaded” and not hard programmed in it makes it nice and easy for me (and you guys) to create new scenery and use it in paraflysim.

I hope you guys haven’t lost faith in me yet, I will go quite sometimes but always have a passion for paraflysim and will do my best to get it released!



Paraflysim Developer

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