Paragliding simulator HCT Vive VR Saint Hilaire

Just recently I have been approached by a paraglider pilot Matt who is also a doctor and doing a particular study involving paragliding. Matt is wanting to create a high fidelity simulator including hardware and software to help his study and Paraflysim is his preferred choice of software simulation. I will be working close with Matt for next few months in order to help him interface the required hardware into paraflysim and develop the scenarios he requires.

The whole setup will be housed in a extreme condition wind tunnel at a university in the UK and will be tested by real pilots.

However, one major requirement for this was it had to be VR and HTC Vive was the particular choice. This means that I have been homered with such amazing VR headset and have successfully got Paraflysim working extremely well using the Vive.

It really has take me into another train of thought to how Paraflysim could be used and probably will be used by myself from now on!

I will post more updates and pictures on my setup.

By doing this it will significantly improve paraflysim for many reasons such as:

I have expert advise on my doorstep about particular features I want to add in.
The simulator will get extensive testing.
Particular features required for testing will need to be added.
And many more…

So i myself am very excited by this project and see it as a big opportunity to get paraflysim to such a level that it could be one of the best paragliding simulators for both fun and educational purposes.

For now I am working on a particular location required for the study which is Saint Hilaire in France, this is 100km x 100km! Here is a quick snapshot of me flying around.



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