Quick insight to me

I’m never so keen on writing about myself but thought I would give a quick insight. I mainly do this just to make you aware i am the only one working on Paraflysim which is why sometimes development can be up and down as its all in my spare time.

I am a full time web applications developer (php developer)  here in the UK which I have been since leaving school. Ive also always had a bad habit of wanting to try everything when it comes to software development and  therefore always developed games and software as a hobby. Along with software development another big passion of mine is aviation and have had many attempts at developing flight simulators in the past without any real luck due to their complexity and time requirement.

It was about 4 years ago when I decided to try a “free flight” simulator as I myself have a huge passion for paragliding and have spent many summer days on the local hill. I used a 3D engine that used for most of my projects however I soon found its limitations which initially knocked me back. However I decided to explore the possibility of changing to a more modern and more supported 3D engine which soon opened the doors for paraflysim to blossom into the project it is today.

If i’m not working or coding and the weather isn’t to good I get out on the hill for a different reason, mountain/downhill biking, love it!

If development goes slow then please do not loose faith, send me an email reminding me to get on with it! It helps.


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