Lots of updates! Terrains, Flight Physics, thermals!

I have been so busy with development recently I just haven’t found the time to update the website, I do update facebook when I can which is much easier but anyway, i apologies and thought I would do a quick update!

So the development… a lot has happened and there has been some significant changes and improvements to Paraflysim, off the top of my head here are a few…

Custom Terrain system now features close detail textures, tree and grass maps.
Thermals now feature cores and inversion and have had lots of improvements on the reaction to the paraglider.
Thermal maps mean we can now use real thermal locations on custom scenery.
Paraglider Physics has seen some improvements
New 3D models (harness and wing)
Water / Ocean system for coastal scenery

and another big one is HTV Vive compatible!! but i will talk more about this later (but it is amazing!)

I will try and cover the above in individual posts with more details.

Here are a few pictures ive taken along the way.







Paraflysim Developer

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