Paraflysim Features

Parafly simulator is a full featured paragliding and hang gliding simulator currently still being developed for windows, mac and linux. It is being developed with the professional pilot in mind to make it as realistic as possible and to replicate the real feel of ridge lift flying. The simulator uses an airfoil physics to best simulate aerodynamics of wings calculating all coefficients in real-time. Currently parafly sim only simulates paragliders and hang gliders with the possibility to add more flying types further along its development. General Features
  Paragliders & Hanggliders

You can launch and fly both paragliders or hanggliders at any time.

  Realistic Flight Dynamics

Realistic Airfoil Dynamics calculating all lift and drag equations in real-time.

  Open World

Launch & Fly where you like, land where you like and re-launch where you like.


Server based multiplayer lets you fly with others pilots just as you would at your local slope.

  Anabatic Wind

Real Anabatic winds calculated in real-time as you fly based on the terrain below you and wind direction.

  Thermal System

Realistic thermal system with thermal growth, life cycles, strength based ambient temperature and movement.

  Custom Scenery

All scenery is loaded from external Heightmaps, textures, tree and object maps allowing you to easily create your own.

  Windows & Mac

Paraflysim is available for windows and mac allowing for cross-platform multiplayer.

  3D Vario

3D Vario for both paraglider and hangglider which features basic free-flight requirements such as audio and visual vertical speed, altitudes and flight time.

  Real Terrain

Terrains based from real DEM data are available, you can easily create your own from anywhere around the world for use in Paraflysim.

  Detailed 3D Models

Detailed paraglider and hang glider models with realistic animations and customization features.

  Realistic Physics Model

The physic models has been developed with realism in mind and provide 6DOF to try and best replicate the behavior of free-flight.

  Time Of Day Cycle

Realistic daily sun travel and time of day, affecting ambient temperature & thermals with visual sun rises and sun sets.

  Custom Weather & Environment

Complete control over cloud base density, time of day, wind speed & ambient temperature.

  Accurate Ground Conditions

Accurate ground forces allow for realistic launch conditions, landings and crashes.

  Flight Recorder

All flights are recorder for instant viewing of basic data such as distance, altitude, speed and more.

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