Flight Log Finished & Thermal Development

I have managed to finish the flight log system which works well and gives us some basic but good and useful information in order to review your flights. This I hope will grow and I can add more stats and information. I also want to implement it so users can send there flight logs online to the paraflysim website where others can see them.

I have also been working on improving the current thermals system, whilst it worked OK for version 1.5 with the new edition of custom terrain it need some work in order to get the system compatible with the new terrain system, but it also gave me opportunity to improve it. The thermal system now analyses the terrain data in order to select where thermals “might” get generated. It looks at terrain data, tree and object map in order to give a probability factor on where thermals develop and also takes into account weather and temperature. I have also improve the grow and life cycle as well as the strengths in order to make it more realistic.

I hope that once I have re-developed the multiplayer then I can begin developing a competition system which will allow users to create a competition such as a XC triangle and host this for others to join and have a competition. For this the thermal system needs to be as realistic as it can which is why I am and will continue to improve it.

Here is a quick screenshot of the final log page and also a flight log showing a thermal I caught just after launch. If you see the climb you can see areas where i kept falling out of the thermal but then finding it again.



Paraflysim Developer

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