First stage of physics tested (video)

So with some success today ive managed to take the first steps into developing the physics of a hang glider. I decided to do the hang glider as ive previously done a paraglider so feel more confident that when I come to impliment a paraglider I should be able to do so quite easily. So the hang glider physics is by far no means finished, infact I was surprised I got this far today which gives me confidence ill have plenty of time to make it as realistic as possible.

The visual mesh/model you see is something I modelling really quick the other day to just give me an idea of size and feel of the simulator, i will eventually model high quality realistic visual meshes.

Ive also add some basic anabatic winds, in the video its actually quite stong wind so getting lift was easy and not so realisitc but i wanted to show this working with the winds.

Anyway, here is the video in question. More to come as the development continues.



Paraflysim Developer

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