Development Update, Version 1.6 Lite & Full

Few changes to talk about today. A suggestion came in regarding the transition from walk mode to launch mode, pointing out it breaks the flow having to press the space bar and then select which wing type with the mouse. So i have changed this so you select which ever wing in the main menu screen and then space bar simply toggles between walk mode / launch mode.

Some more development on the terrain system has been done, this is now nearly finished and getting ready for some testing. I will announce a beta version on here for anyone who is interested to download. If there isn’t to many issues found then i will release version 1.6 lite shortly after.

Version 1.6 Lite will be a free but limited version of Paraflysim. It will not have the ability to load in terrains and not feature multiplayer. It will however have 1 large terrain, no annoying popups and be available on windows and mac.

Version 1.6 Full will come shortly after and not be free (price TBA). This will feature the ability to load in scenery and depending on time may initially feature some or all of the following:

– Multiplayer
– True time of day (sunset to sunrise)
– Weather system
– Flight Statistics
– Custom wing skinning

What doesn’t get done for the initial release will follow shortly after.

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Stress Testing 3d tree placement

Whilst working on the custom scenery system I have been increase the density of tree population and today decided to push it somewhat to see how it looks and performs.

I am happy to say that the density could actually be doubled from what you see in the images however with the tree density as itis in the images below made very very little performance drop on my windows development computer which is only an i3, 4gb ram and a old AMD v3900.
The density setting for custom terrains will be set by scenery author, however this can be then overridden in paraflysim if the user is experiencing performance issue. Infact most scenery settings will be configurable to the user to help lower end spec computers.

However, I think its amazing how trees can make such an impact on bring realism to terrains.

morning-dev morning-dev-high morning-dev-high2

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Image Map for Trees & Objects

Addint to paraflysim’s new terrain system, you will also be able to add trees and houses / buildings by including a simple “image” map.

The image map will consist of colors such as red for trees and blue for houses ETC. You will also be able to select which trees you would like out of an initial selection that will come bundles with paraflysim such as spruce, oak trees, pines ETC.

Same for the objects, there will be a election of houses / buildings that can choose to use in your image map.

Eventually i intend to let you include you own models, but that will require a lot of work so for now this will be a nice easy system that will allow you generate your own terrains easily.

Below shows the tree map in use, the terrain is Italy and it also shows the new infinity horizon.



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Custom Terrains nearly finished!

So whilst working on paraflysim today, I was reminded of how important it is to try “focus” on a particular part of development without getting wrapped up in many things like I did when working on version 1.5.

The reason for this is, I remember whilst working on version 1.5 and trying to implement all the features I said I would; One of them being the ability to allow you to fly around your own terrains. At the time i knew this would require a lot of work and when i did attempt it the first time around I remember thinking “this is going to be harder than it seems” and so after a few failed attempts I moved on to the next feature that was bouncing around my head.

Yet in the last few evenings working on this particular feature I have been able to do it and find it quite easy! i think that shows that when you focus on doing one job and dedicate yourself to it, it helps a lot!

So, paraflysim now has the ability for you to simply create a folder within the terrains directory, drop in there a heightmap, texture, information file (holds size ETC), and scene image (for the menu select GUI) and paraflysim will pick it up and will show in the menu.

The terrain loads fast on my mid-spec machine and all done inside its own thread (for any programmers out there) so no “halts” or “pauses” to the software.

I think this will help bring out a paraflysim community where users will create and swap flying locations.

I will develop a small piece of software that will aid in creating the “information” file, this simply hols information such as size of the terrain, the start location and wind direction ETC.

Few pics of the alps in france.

custom_scenes_france_alps2 custom_scenes_france_alps


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Create your own flying scenes, real world DEM data!

Ok, so work has begun on a new update (version 1.6).

The biggest requests of version 1.5 were:

Multiplayer (done, but still needs some work)
Physics (an on-going development!)
Real Terrain / Scenes (never got done!)

So out of the 3 above the one that never got developed was the real terrains even though Its very very easy for me to create. On my computer I have lots of real world scenes (Italy, France, Sweden, UK) everywhere using real DEM data and satellite imagery and to me without even grass or details it always looks MUCH better than my generated terrain.

So why don’t i just release them?? Because of copyright! Unfortunately there is no license that allows me to distribute the DEM or Imagery data within my simulator unless I pay big monies! (which i don’t have).

So the solution??? For me to allow you guys to load in DEM data and Imagery into paraflysim and therefore anyone can create terrains and import them into paraflysim making it not my issue anymore!

So that is what i am currently working on. It is now at a stage where it is working, however it does need some tidying up, but i will make a video showing its progress very soon.

So the focus for version 1.5 is customization! You will hopefully be able to import your own terrains & wing designs.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming video!


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New Year, New start!

Hi all and a happy new year, hope you all had a good Christmas
Firstly i will apologise for once again not being able to keep up the the development in the later part of 2015. I just got very busy and unfortunately didn’t get the time to work on paraflysim as much as i wanted.

It overwhelms me with the fact that paraflysim is installed and used by many and that multiplayer is also being used as this was one of the biggest features I added in 1.5 (and also the hardest!). So I would like to thank all you users for on-going support.

So I hope you will be pleased to hear that my new year resolution is to further develop paraflysim and try release a version which doesn’t have any (annoying) popups.

I also intent to get the MAC version uploaded as that is ready to go, i just never got around to compiling it and uploading it.

I will get back into the habit of updating here and on the blog regularly starting soon!

Thank you again

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Verison 1.5.1 Public Beta Available…

OK, So… Because i haven’t had much time to spend on partly-sim I thought instead of just letting time go by I might swell let you guys have a play and then report back the huge amount of bugs and issues you find! :)

Public beta 1.5.1 is now available for you to download from the download page. It will be available for Windows & Mac (Mac is to follow in a day or two) (untested on windows 10). It is a full version but the popup remains (sorry).

PLEASE be aware that this is a beta, it WILL have issue and they can only get fixed if you tell me about them. So if you find anything then please tell me BUT do it on the forum or email but not Facebook as i don’t want Facebook filling up with loads of issues.

Just try and see how you get on, things to bear in mind…
If your hosting then you may have to open ports and change firewall settings.

It currently uses unity’s server to do the “hand shaking” process, this is meant for “sandbox testing” so this may end up getting blocked or something, in which case ill have to fund my own server.

This really is just a “test” version and ill repeat, it will have issues so please report them to me.

And finally in preparation for when you get frustrated or disappointed over a bug or missing feature, please try to remember that this has been developed by myself only, in my spare time around life and family and completely self funded.



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Creating your own terrains for paraflysim

Finaly back in paraflysim world! :) Sorry for the lack of updates I have been very very busy this last week with other events which meant I wasnt able to work on paraflysim, but I am back and still intend to get a full public beta demo out this month!

What I did start looking into when I last left off was how I could make it so users could easily create there own terrains and import them into paraflysim, and I am confident sure I have managed to develop a system to do so.

The idea is users can create terrains from real DEM data (evevation data) and then use your own images (satallite imagery, aerial photography ETC) to overlay the terrain, then you can set starting positions, simply drop the folder and and all files in the paraflysim terrains folder and it will appear within the simulator.

This means that I dont have to worry about creating more and more terrains meaning more time spent on new and improving features. It also means I dont have to worry about the sources of imagery data as that will be down to who ever creates the terrain and I also think it will help make this a more community driven simulator and not such a closed source one.

Hope you all agree :)

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New 3D hanglider model finished

Just a smalll update to show the finished product of paraflysim’s new 3D hanglider model. Took only 4 hours from start to finish including, UV unwrapping and Texture creation.

Hangglider 3D model

New hanglider 3D model for paraflysim simulator

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New Hangglider Physics & 3D Model

I didnt think the hangglider would give me so much trouble! The paraglider flight physics model has had a lot more attention than the hangglider so i am now trying to catch up. Its for some reason being quite troublesome and its still quite far off but its slowly getting there, here is a video of how it flies so far…

Whilst working on the hang glider I realised how basic it was and infact that it was a very quick model i made for testing early paraflysim. So I decided to design new one. It wont take to long or delay paraflysim but will look much better. IT needs only a few more hours work to finish but for anyone who is interested this is how it looks so far, it is obviously not textured yet.


Hopefully ill get this 3D model finished, textured and flying very soon! :)


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