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New 3D hanglider model finished

Just a smalll update to show the finished product of paraflysim’s new 3D hanglider model. Took only 4 hours from start to finish including, UV unwrapping and Texture creation.

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New Hangglider Physics & 3D Model

I didnt think the hangglider would give me so much trouble! The paraglider flight physics model has had a lot more attention than the hangglider so i am now trying to catch up. Its for some reason being quite troublesome

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Quick update, new terrain and more testing.

I keep forgetting to come and update here as I keep updating facebook. For all who read here and not facebook I advise to also follow facebook as I always update there first. Multiplayer The multiplayer testing is continuing,

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Paragliding Simulator Multiplayer

This was kindly recorded by Gabriel (a paraflysim tester) and this was the first time we had 6 flyers in the simulator at once, and for me it was amazing simply because it worked great but also because it looked

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Multiplayer, Optimising & Playing :)

Just a quick update on what ive been upto, so these last few weeks I have made some changes to paraflysim, not really visual but more fixing, and optimising. In the last few days I have been getting more and

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