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Quick update…

Just a quick update to say Ive been working once again on Parafly Sim ( although I do find myself doing more “testing” sometimes) tweaking the hang glider physics but more so trying to fully implement anabatic winds. At the

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Pilots view of Hang Glider (and more tweaking)

Just a quick post to keep you updated, Ive been continuing on tweaking and developing the hang glider physics and for the video I decided to strap myself in the harness as apposed to being a by stander on the

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Hang glider physics continued (video)

Continuing on from my last post I have been further developing and tweeking the physics of the Parafly Sim hang glider. Im getting more and more happy with it, although there is still lots to do as at times I

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First stage of physics tested (video)

So with some success today ive managed to take the first steps into developing the physics of a hang glider. I decided to do the hang glider as ive previously done a paraglider so feel more confident that when I

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Project re-opened (and created)

I have decided to reopen this project and once again im starting over. The reason for starting over are mainly down to a swapping my choice of 3D engine to develop Parafly. This decision was mainly due to the new

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